Who, What, How.....

Who am I…. I am a mother of three who has been battling everything from phobias, to panic disorder to dysphoric milk ejection and postpartum depression. Over the past 25 years. I am now proud to say I am in recovery. I want as many others as I can help on their path to recovery and healing.

What do I do.. I am on a mission to serve you when life gets hard. I have experience with psychiatrist, therapist, medications, support systems, creating plans to combat mental health woes, I want to take what I have learned through trial and error over the past 25 years and make it easier on you and your loved ones.

How…..I will do this by creating a “road-map” of resources, providers, I will be your advocate, and guide you through the confusing and some times overwhelming mental health field. Mostly I want to be apart of your support system and help create a plan for you to live your BEST life!

Heather Boll