Your core issues

When your feeling down ,t can be hard to find the cause. When you’re experiencing episodes of depression, a good place to start is to ask yourself, what is happening in my life that is contributing to my depressed feelings? Sometimes, depression is caused by an external factor that is influencing your mood.

Some examples of triggered situations are:

dissatisfaction at home, work, or school, a disagreement with a loved one, upcoming presentation or school work, traumatic experience, a major life change such as a divorce ,child leaving home, or a death in the family.

also some seemingly “positive” life events can lead to depression as well:

a birth of a baby, work promotion, graduation from school, return from vacation, the holidays or other special occasions.

We are confident we can help you set goals, overcome obstetrical, and live YOUR best life.

Life is messy, but having a plan and a strong support system will make life more enjoyable.

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