Fall in Love with Yourself, a afternoon of self growth

What and awesome workshop. Thank you to the group of beautiful woman who said YES to trying something different. Self love is not easy for some of us. We look in the mirror and pick apart our bodies, we are scared and nervous letting the inner voice bully us when we try to do something out of our comfort zone. What I took away the most from the workshop was this:

write down what YOUR inner voice is saying to you, how its holding you back, the nasty stuff it says to you

acknowledge it

read them out loud back to yourself

sounds pretty harsh, mean, and hurtful right??

most of the time we would not talk to ANYONE this way, let alone ourselves

now try and replace those words and phrases with a positive, solution seeking, do if able way.

If you struggle with your inner voice I would love to sit down and help you flip the script

much love,


Heal Her Peer Support, Waconia, MN