Mental illness doesn’t care!

One in five individuals will experience a diagnosed mental illness in their lifetime. 

I am on of five

Mental illness doesn’t care how much or how little money you have, mental illness doesn’t care if you are religious or spiritual. Mental illness doesn’t care if you are high up on the corporate ladder, or collect welfare. It will find you if you’re male or female, young or old. Mental illness doesn’t care if you had an amazing childhood or one filled with trauma. It can sneak up on you, when you’re grieving, or experience something amazing like a birth of child, huge promotion or becoming newlyweds. Mental illness doesn’t care if your beautiful, fat, have chronic pain, substance abuse. It doesn’t care if your a single parent or have special needs children. Mental illness doesn’t care if you just had a miscarriage, came out of the closet, or fired from your job. Mental illness can find you at any age, race, social class, sexuality, marital status, religious affiliations, education level. It doesn’t care. 

Mental illness is NOT a choice. 

You do have a choice on recovery. 

Hope and healing are possible. 

We can help 

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