Suicidal thoughts

It’s a complicated thing to explain what it’s like to have suicidal thoughts, but not want to die. For some, it’s a constant weight of feeling like you don’t deserve to live. For me it is a persistent but passing thought. A fly that won’t leave you alone.

Whatever the extent of it, the fact that people can have suicidal thoughts when they have no active plans to kill themselves is something we need to talk about. There’s nothing shameful about experiencing suicidal thoughts, and a person should not have to reach a breaking point before they can reach out for support.

You can talk to me about suicidal thoughts. 


National suicide hotline 

Or call 

911 if your thoughts turn to actions

Clinical Services vs. Peer Specialist Services

Clinical Services vs. Peer Specialist Services

Clinical services include diagnosis, different types of therapy, or possible prescription of medication. These services are provided by clinically trained and licensed individuals. Historically the clinical perspective has been more focused on stabilization and maintenance, but with the current transformation of the mental health system, their perspective is largely changing to focus on wellness and recovery. Clinical professionals therefore may increasingly seek to support people in achieving goals, using treatments to overcome barriers to those goals.

Peer specialist services are provided by trained and certified individuals who identify as having personal lived experience with a mental health or substance use condition. Peer specialists use their own recovery stories to provide hope, to support people in finding their own inner wisdom, and to set personal goals for recovery. Peer specialists assist individuals in developing skills and finding resources to overcome barriers to the self-identified goals.

The services of peer specialists complement, but do not replace, clinical services.


#Emetophobia is the fear of vomit, this took me a lifetime to talk about.

My anxiety began as a sever, debilitating case of #emetophobia when I was in third grade.

This article is about a parent trying to help their daughter.

If you or a family member have emetaphobia I can help. I no longer fear/panic over vomit. It took years, lots of work, and set backs but I know what works. ❤️

Your core issues

When your feeling down ,t can be hard to find the cause. When you’re experiencing episodes of depression, a good place to start is to ask yourself, what is happening in my life that is contributing to my depressed feelings? Sometimes, depression is caused by an external factor that is influencing your mood.

Some examples of triggered situations are:

dissatisfaction at home, work, or school, a disagreement with a loved one, upcoming presentation or school work, traumatic experience, a major life change such as a divorce ,child leaving home, or a death in the family.

also some seemingly “positive” life events can lead to depression as well:

a birth of a baby, work promotion, graduation from school, return from vacation, the holidays or other special occasions.

We are confident we can help you set goals, overcome obstetrical, and live YOUR best life.

Life is messy, but having a plan and a strong support system will make life more enjoyable.

Scheduled your complementary meet and greet today.

Childhood anxiety

Does your child’s anxiety interfere with his or her ability to engage in typical age-appropriate activities or cause a great deal of distress? 

My anxiety began when I was 8 years old. I know what it feels like to be a child with anxiety and relentless fear. 

Is my child’s anxiety unhealthy?

If your parent intuition has you questioning this you probably already know the answer to this question, and I can help you help your child.

What is peer support?

The idea of peer support is to harness people's own experience of mental ill-health and recovery to support others and foster a sense of hope

.Peer support workers are uniquely placed to offer understanding and support to people, "having been in their shoes", and they do this outside the traditional doctor-patient relationship in a warm and comfortable non clinical way. 

I am doing my best.....

You want to be better and God knows, you are really trying so why does it still feel hard? Should it really be that tough? Maybe you were finally going to improve your mental health. Or was it a weight-loss program? A fitness regimen? No, wait you're going to stop procrastinating.It doesn't matter how you've decided to improve your life or how many times you've messed up, what matters is that you're trying, you're really really trying even though you secretly want to quit or at the very least, are already worried about hitting the next wall.

The key to moving beyond setbacks in your quest for self-improvement, is resilience.

Whenever you overcome a setback you'll build confidence that you will be able to start fresh again and again  But where do you start? how do you start?

That is where I come in and design a custom Wellness Plan that will help you get well, stay well and make the life you want it to be. Book a New Client Consultation today. You will be so happy did.

Heather Boll P.S.S

Who, What, How.....

Who am I…. I am a mother of three who has been battling everything from phobias, to panic disorder to dysphoric milk ejection and postpartum depression. Over the past 25 years. I am now proud to say I am in recovery. I want as many others as I can help on their path to recovery and healing.

What do I do.. I am on a mission to serve you when life gets hard. I have experience with psychiatrist, therapist, medications, support systems, creating plans to combat mental health woes, I want to take what I have learned through trial and error over the past 25 years and make it easier on you and your loved ones.

How…..I will do this by creating a “road-map” of resources, providers, I will be your advocate, and guide you through the confusing and some times overwhelming mental health field. Mostly I want to be apart of your support system and help create a plan for you to live your BEST life!

Heather Boll



Have you experienced SAD?

if so share with us, what helps you during the fall and winter months??

SAD Seasonal Affective Disorder is upon us.....

SAD is episodes of depression that have a seasonal pattern. For example, if you have SAD you may feel wonderful in spring and summer, but then experience a very low mood starting in fall and continuing through winter. You may also have SAD if you experience the classic symptoms of depression exclusively in the winter months. 

Do you experience SAD? I can help you make a plan to ease the affects of SAD. Set goals to combat SAD.

Comment below what helps you combat SAD????

we offer BLT at our Waconia office, helps with anxiety and depression

Choose YOU today

“Recovery” Is a process of change that helps us improve our health and wellness, live a self-directed life, and work to meet our full potential in all areas of our lives. 

What if you could…

Shape every aspect of your life the way you want it?

Gain freedom from troubling thoughts,behaviors,or patterns that repeat in your life?

Feel empowered in your life?

Have a strong support system, back up plans, and achievable goals? 

If you are waiting for a sign.. this is it!  This is your day to choose YOU! 

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