Heather Boll, Mental Health Advocate,QPR and CPSS

Heather Boll, Mental Health Advocate,QPR and CPSS

How can I be a better version of myself today?

What is my life like when it is in balance?

How do I show love to myself?

When we are overloaded with stress, mental illness, or other unfortunate turns of events, life is hard.

We support and guide individuals and families by providing a compassionate and safe space, access to resources, and together we move towards healing and happiness.

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My Beginning

Mental illness, depression, anxiety, suicide ideation, panic attacks - for many, these are increasingly painful realities of life. If you have found my page I want to thank you! Secondly keep reading and know you’re not alone!

I have been in these shoes.
I have walked the path through mental illness to recovery.
I have assisted others on their journey to recovery.
I offer an authentic service that will put YOU and your loved ones first in the midst of a dark and scary time in your life.

What I am NOT:

I am not a licensed Therapist or Councler. I offer a non clinical approach, compassionate support, and friendship when you need it most. If you are stuck in a rut or a dark hole, I have been in that hole before and I know how to get out. I will jump down with you and we will climb out together.


My experiences allow me to serve as an advocate, providing an essential roadmap of resources to achieve recovery.

— Heather Boll, Mental health Advocate and CERTIFIED peer support specialist


I will provide you my experience and knowledge that will help you manage your day to day life living with a mental illness. I will help you overcome discrimination and stigma. I will listen, with respect, acceptance, and encouragement to your specific needs. You come first! I will assist you every step of the way on your path to recovery. We will overcome barriers, we will build goals and dreams, we will pursue a plan that will turn your life around.

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My Mission

I want to promote HOPE and HEALING through positive self disclosure, demonstrating that recovery is possible.

I will do this by teaching you and your family to:

  • Express and achieve goals

  • Monitor your progress

  • Teach effective coping and self-help skills

  • Assist in finding effective services and resources outside your home

  • Develop a personal wellness plan

  • Get you out into your community

  • Offer support during a crisis

  • Help you become independent and productive, leading you to recovery


1out of 5

battle mental illness

1 out of 3

seek treatment

9.6 M

Americans have suicidal thoughts


I will share my experience and offer hope in the areas that I have experienced first hand: working with a therapist and psychiatrist, learning about coping skills, medications and other treatment options, utilizing community resources, overcoming alcohol addiction, finding volunteer opportunities, and building trusting relationships. I can prepare you to face Mental illness acceptance, recovery, setbacks and the potential for relapse.

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Contact Me

Organizing your thoughts and taking steps to feel better can be tough when you're weighed down by mental illness. I am here to help you in this time of need.

heather@iamoneoffive.com or 952.567.9210

24 S. Olive Street Waconia, MN 55387

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