Pregnancy and Postpartum Support:

  • Postpartum Depression (recognizing triggers, managing symptoms, support and resources)

  • Postpartum Anxiety (recognizing triggers, managing symptoms, support and resources)

  • Dysphoric Milk Ejection“sadness while breastfeeding” (support, understanding, and symptom management)

  • Adjustment (first few weeks after baby is born, partner relationship, sleep depravation, managing the ups and downs, hormone fluctuation management, moms self care, establishing a routine, and more)

Adolescent and Adult Support:

  • Anxiety (trigger awareness, symptom management, lifestyle changes, boosting confidence, self esteem, self care, and more)

  • Depression (trigger awareness, symptom management, lifestyle, grief, loss, managing anger, sadness, and improving self worth, self care, and more)

  • Panic Attacks (exposing triggers, managing symptoms, lifestyle changes, self help skills, and more)

  • Phobias ( germs, getting sick, leaving your house, social, flying, death, and more)

  • Creating and Setting Goals ( food, nutrition, living your purpose, facing your inner voice, self love, creating your life mission, vision, and dreams)

  • Facing Your Inner Critic,Creating a New Mindset, and Self Growth

    (confidence, self worth, self care, loving relationships that work, setting healthy boundaries, and self identity)

Children/Parent Support:

  • Anxiety (triggers, symptom management, lifestyle changes, treatment options, navigation of the mental health industry, resources education, breaking down social stigma barriers, support, and more)

  • Depression (triggers, symptom management, lifestyle changes, treatment options, navigation of the mental health industry, resources, education, breaking down social stigma barriers, support, and more)

  • ADHD (support groups, education, awareness, lifestyle changes, acceptance, and more)

  • Phobias (social, panic disorder, separation, vomit, natural disasters, doctors office, shots, death, failure, rejection, flying, and more)


How I Support You

I will support you by creating hope that recovery is not only possible but obtainable. I will share opportunities for you to have access to mental health resources and services. I will promote optimism, self-reliance, and confidence. I will instill the knowledge and equipment needed to move forward on your path to recovery. I will support you with resources, set goals, uncover your strength, and empower YOU to live your best life. 

You might be thinking:

This lady sounds too good to be true, it’s so overwhelming, I don’t know where to start, am I really suffering from a mental illness, is it all in my head, I am scared, embarrassed, confused. I don’t want others to worry about me, I am afraid they won't understand what I am going through, I don’t even understand it, I don’t want others to know, how much is this going to cost?

I am here to tell you that I had these same worries and more. I have lived and experience life with mental illness. I suffered in silence for many years and am proud to be in recovery with a voice. With my experience, education, and training I will tailor the needs of each individual I serve to their specific needs. You will achieve success by using resources, identifying limitations, obtain goals, and you will move into recovery. I have the power to say “I understand” because I have been in your shoes! You're not alone. 

If your half way there: 

You're so close, yet you feel so far away! You’ve had lots of ups and downs. 
I will provide you with resources, motivation, and inspiration needed to lead you to recovery. I spent years in this exact spot and wish I had someone to picked me off the bathroom floor and teach me the way to recovery! This is your chance to live your best life! You are more than your Mental illness- you are worth investing in!

Disclaimer: This information offers options for mental health services and resources and education purpose only you should not rely on this information as a substitute for, nor does it replace professional medical advice diagnosis or treatment.

Heal Her accepts cash, checks, HSA and credit cards.

Reaching out is the first step! Please contact me for a free 30 minute consultation in which we can meet and you can discover if my services would be of value to you.

During this time we will get to know each other a little bit. I will ask you a few questions about your life, and you can ask me any questions you would like. I will then share my thoughts and initial observations. If you feel comfortable that we are a good fit, we can go ahead and schedule your next session. (New clients only).

Free Meet & Greet


Public Speaking

I speak on my experiences with mental health challenges, share my personal stories, from the dark days of a mental health crisis to the successes, hopes and dreams I now experience in recovery. 

Topics include:   

  • Mental Health awareness and breaking down social stigma barriers. Hear from the founder of Heal Her Peer Support a story of hope and survival.

  • Facing your inner critic, self love, and self esteem.

  • Parenting young children, when Mom or Dad has a mental illness.

  • How to balance it all. Work, family, and social life. 

  • Healthy relationships and toxic people.

  • Finding your life purpose.

Heal Her accepts cash, checks, HSA and credit cards.