Thank you so much for coming to share your story with our heart moms!
They simply loved it!
— Sarah
Heather’s workshops have been amazing and so uplifting. The valuable information she shares is priceless. I love how open and honest she is. She speaks from the heart and is truly compassionate about helping everyone. Heather is bringing light to the darkness of depression and anxiety. I am grateful she is sharing her experience with everyone and I look forward to attending more events from her.
— Rachel
No one can help better than someone who has been there. Heather has waded through the complex mental health system & can help you navigate a path to healing. This brave young woman will share her journey & help you with yours.
— Faye
Heather as your peer support specialist is a wonderful initial step in facing your mental health concerns. Her own personal experiences with mental health issues qualifies her to meet you where you are at, making you realize you’re not alone, there is nothing to be ashamed of, and you can overcome the stigma surrounding mental health. Our minds are not exempt from illness. It’s as simple as that! Her passion for wanting to guide others through their journey is very apparent.
— Patty
Heather came to speak to our MOPS group (moms of young children) and I learned so much. She did such a good job explaining her story and how she is able to help those who need the support. Not only was it a very informative talk, but I could also tell she truly loves what she does and cares about all of her clients.
— Mary
I have attended a couple events held by Heal Her Support and found them to be very beneficial and insightful. The workshops help give practical steps to work through personal challenges. Their is peer support, laughter, love, knowledge and great open conversation that help build you up and make you stronger. Can’t say enough great things about Heather and how I believe she is changing the world for the better by helping others be their best self.
— Brittany
Heather is amazing! She is kind, considerate, listens and truly cares! I have been to a workshop and have had one on one sessions with her. Both have been wonderful, I truly feel uplifted and have been given tools for my toolbox to help with my depression and anxiety. She makes me feel that I’m not alone and that there are ways to cope and grow.
— Jen
Heather is an awesome support person. She has helped me so much whenever I need advice, a kind word or just showing she cares. Everyone needs support when going through tough times and she has helped me so much. Please give her a try. You will be happy you did.
— Jean
Heather is absolutely amazing. She speaks from her heart and is so genuine. She shares openly about her journey with her clients and takes a stand for them and their well-being. I highly recommend her services and workshops.
— Erica
Thank you for coming to speak to us about mental health, and how it relates to our work. We greatly appreciate your courage and insight.
— Paul and Laurie